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23 May 2009 @ 09:20 am
Introducing Owen Marsh  
The reason I originall got into Fallout 3 was because I love games that let you create your own characters. I usually play as my bad boy Owen Marsh. He has an extensive backstory that I'm not going to go into now unless someone's really interested. The most important things about him is that he's a brillaint scientist, he has a bad temper, he has fire hair and because of that he can control fire. When I found out about the lab coats and Shishkebob in the game I HAD to play. Owen's weapon is a fire sword. So that was all good fun and then I found out about the patriotism, Nuka-Colas (I'm addicted to Coca-Cola in real life so I loved that), and of course the Deathclaws topped it all off. In fact when I met the first one I didn't fight him and sacrificed myself to him because I wanted to see Owen die. I have a habit of torturing my favorite characters.

Anyway, I'll post some of my Owen art then I'll post the screen caps and yes there will be Deathclaws hehe.

Click all for full size.
Owen runs from the spiritual representation of the main character in my universe Thagirion. These two hate each other and Owen is always on the run because Thagirion thinks he stole his fire. Owen can't use the fire against Thagiiron because it wouldn't hurt him. He's rather defenseless and he can do is run and hate and wish he could fight back some how. Thagirion in his true form is nine feet tall. This demon seems to have things in common with another monster I love hehe.

Did I mention I love to torture my guys? I sent Owen down in the middle of a snow storm without proper clothing. There's more to it than that but I won't go into it. I was going to post one more drawing of him but I think you get the idea.

OK now that you know what he looks like on to the screen caps.

Here is Owen standing out in front of Tenpenny Tower holding his Shishkabob or fire sword. That is my favorite weapon in the game and I'll run right up to Super Mutants with Assault Rifles and hack them to bits. My melee skill is 100% so it takes about two swings and those giants go down. I can take just about anything out except Behemoths and Deathclaws with it.

Not bad huh? You can definitely tell it's Owen. Again the customization engine in this game is nothing compared to the one in Saints Row 2 so I'm pretty proud of how I made him with what I had to work with. In some of the Vats cinemas when he's angry he really looks like himself.

And here he is blocking. Gosh with that tank on his back he really looks like him. If only he had fire hair.

Aww this poor Deathclaw. I've just freed him from this cage. The Enclave captures Deathclaws and puts those things on their heads to try and control them and use them to attack. But it doesn't really work. Once free they still attack anything on sight even Enclave people. I like this pic because you can see how nasty this piece of equipment is. It's attached to his horns and he has metal blinders. I wouldn't be surprised if it's wired into his brain and if removed he'd die. Anyway I was using a Stealth Boy when I did this. Stealth Boys make you invisible, but you still have to crouch and be quiet. Deathclaws have amazing perception and they always find me no matter how quiet I am. So much for secretly observing them. But they do buy you a little time.

He's free and totally confused! When I free these guys I love that they keep going back to check on their cage. There's nothing in there! You were in there. You should know! They're so cute about that. But this particular one was the first one I successfully released in that he didn't find me and actually left the area. He went back into the wild. Hurray!!
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